Vulcania is a tabletop roleplaying game full of action, conspirancies and investigation, set in the smoky atmospheres of the industrial revolution of a Fantasy – Steampunk world.

In Vulcania you can be an adventurer, a soldier, a scientist or a scoundrel fighting to find his place in the world, chasing fame, power, money… or justice.

Get involved in sinister plots, explorations of lost places and breathtaking action through wild lands and chaotic metropolis, extraordinary technologies and deadly fights.

Unleash your hero’s powers and prove your worth on the battlefields, use your knowledge to reveal lost secrets, refine your skills to create fantastic objects!

All this and even more is what awaits you on Vulcania!!!

The World


Letvia’s War is over since ten years but new powers are already plotting in the shadows.

Explore a mysterious world where a stormy sea surrounds volcanic archipelagos inhabited by man: the Isonations. Take to the seas or ride the skies aboard an Airship, face lethal enemies with the power of sword or alchemy, reveal secrets prohibited honing your skills or survive the bleak moors of chaos thanks to the powers of your mind. Venture into Vulcania lands where natural and post-apocalyptic landscapes alternate in a shocked world.

The war is over … reasons to fight not!

Survive the expanses of Abrabazem, between destroyed cities, toxic clouds and creatures warped by the chaos’ hands in a post-apocalyptic territory full of forgotten treasures.

Explore the arid deserts of Balastoc and its overcrowded cities, where the clergy of the Red God Isairness dominates a nation in the balance between progress and backwardness, heresy and terrorism.

 Search Itteghasp for secret knowledge and special equipment, where, protected by groups of mercenaries, the Monopolies, corporations that hold the secrets of technology, placed their headquarters.

 Fly over the rugged peaks of Ketniv, above which cities are abbarbicate, inhabited by a disciplined and meditative population, used  to live under strict Imperial rules from generations.

 Venture in Mostucaal, once the most powerful islenation of Vulcania, and find out how the greed of man and the civil war have drained this land, in body and soul.

 Penetrate the frozen lands of Nuugard, a lethal and wild territory, tamed only by the stubborn tenacity of its inhabitants, a race of indomitable warriors, tempered by the ice and the fire of a thousand battles.


Heroes of Vulcania


Some people choose a private life free from risks and dangers. One thing is certain. You do not see it as their own.

Whether you are a noble soul or guided by an evil spirit choose your past and meet your destiny!

Develope your knowledge or learn new ones with the help of Art Masters. Train in a remote forest or studying in the library of a Megalopolis, your skills will make the difference in your life as a scout.

ABILITIES – Strength and intelligence play a key role in your path, but also the good luck will play its part! Set yourself high challenges and you’ll be rewarded with new degrees of knowledge that will allow you access to the peaks of power … wherever they may be. Cunning, Reactivity and power are some of the qualities that will help you in this endeavor. Increase the right skills and make it your own character, the protagonist of every situation.

ARTS – Specialize in your abilities led by Art Masters and choose your path in the ways of knowledge. Follow the way of trickery, intuition or fighting to reach your goals. Catch your prey with a trap or drown it with the shots of your blade. Fits your character to your play style!

EQUIPMENT – Dozens of weapons and gadgets await you in Vulcania markets. Boost your equipment and increases the power of your character with biomechanical grafts. Do not fear rivals in whatever situation your Narrator wants throw.



The world Vulcania is dynamic and full of action and its rules have been developed to reflect this dynamism also on the board. The mechanics are deep, fast, and highly strategic made intuitive thanks to the use of the cards that will allow you to always have an eye equipment and skills.
The possibilities of personalization of the character are wide both at creation time that during the growth in the game. You will not be relegated to your initial choices, but in the course of your adventures, you will have access to a wide range of knowledge that will allow you to make your character unique and incredibly powerful.

Get ready for exciting fights and legendary exploits with Vulcania!


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